Plates, Plates, Plates

Yep we need to have them and yes there are all kinds of rules about them. Did you know you can find out on the NZTA website? From their home screen click on the VEHICLE button, then click onto NUMBER PLATES. Here you will find info on Black and Silver plates and how to keep them alive or re-birth them.

You will also find info on Personalised Plates. Did you know that to put a Personalised Plate into your name you will need to have a seller fill out a “Transfer of Entitlement” form? Without this that cool new plate may not be worth what you paid for it.

We have discovered today that if you are buying a project vehicle that is on hold and the seller wants to keep their Personalised Plate, all they need to do is walk into an NZTA agent have them site the Plate and issue a new set of plates for the vehicle at a cost of about $25. Easy. However, if you don’t get this done it is back to scratch and much harder to get new plates. Hope this info help! Thanks.